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How to submit your videos


What to film:

Film yourselves doing a little dance sequence, incorporating the Around the Back into it. Make sure to dance before and after the aerial.  Choose an iconic monument, landscape or surrounding from your city.  You could be one couple or more.  Just make sure to do the aerial at the same time if you are several couples.

Note:  The starter step that we show in our instructional videos is only meant for a practice environment.  It allows you to go into the aerial from a dance movement without doing anything complicated.  However once you’re comfortable with the aerial, remove the starter step and try getting into it with another dance movement (ex: Underarm pass, Side pass, Swing out)

How to film it:

Make sure the lighting is good and that we can see you and your environment properlerly (so that we can recognize it), don’t worry about the sound.  Please film in HD if possible, so that our end product has a nice quality the whole way through.

Note: The montage will be done to Lindy Hopper’s Delight by Chick Webb.  To make it easier for the editing, please use this song or tempo while filming.

Download the song here:
Lindyhopper’s Delight – Chick Webb

How to upload it:

Upload your video to Youtube using the following title: [ATBATW] City – Country
In the description of the video please write down the names of the dancers and of the monument, landscape or environment.

After the video has been uploaded, go to our Presentation video and leave your video as a comment.
Send us the link to the following address as well:


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