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About Patrick and Natasha


Patrick and Natasha founded their dynamic partnership in 2007, while training with the champion team the Swinging Air Force and working at Studio 88-SWING in Montreal. They have since acquired extensive performance, competition, teaching and coaching experience and now live in Paris, France.

They have coached many of the Swinging Air Force teams and have had the chance to work for the Cirque du Soleil training dancers from their show “Banana Shpeel” in the art of Swing aerials.

Patrick and Natasha have appeared in several Canadian television shows; La Vie est un Cirque, La Culture pour ou Contre, Ben et Jarrod, Relève en Folie, and L’heure de Gloire.  They have also been featured in the Sam Roberts video clip ”Them kids” and very recently in ”Dramophone” from Caravan Palace.

The challenge of competition is something they have always enjoyed and they are proud of their numerous podium titles from such events as ILHC, ALHC, Camp Hollyhood, CSC and ESDC.

They have traveled all around the Americas, Europe and Asia to teach this wonderful dance and have taught at world class events such as Camp Hollywood, ESDC, ILHC, Lindy Shock and Camp Jitterbug.  You’ll surely enjoy their enthusiam, humour and their clear and detailed teaching methods.

Helping to build the Swing Dance community is very important to Patrick and Natasha.  They like to contribute with their free online instructional videos and their event coverage.  Check out these videos at

Patrick and Natasha, well known for their gravity defying aerials are very excited about their new project ”Around the Back Around the World”! Check out their new projet at or get to know them more at


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